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Welcome to Wildfire Data Recovery Services, your trusted award-winning data recovery partner in lost data expert rescue. We know how upsetting it is to lose data from USB drives, memory cards, external hard drives, or SSDs. Our team can also recover data from RAID and NAS systems, CCTV/DVR security devices, and much more.


Our mission is to provide advanced data rescue services to retrieve your critical data with the highest success rates. Here at Wildfire Data Recovery, we are experts in recovering data from different file systems. This encompasses photos, videos, multimedia files, CCTV security footage, and databases. Our experts can help you get back your precious files if you delete them by mistake, have hardware problems, or software issues. They have the knowledge and tools to retrieve your lost data.


Whether you mistakenly delete files, your hardware malfunctions, or you encounter software problems, our experts are here to help. They have the knowledge and tools to retrieve your lost data. Our user-friendly online data recovery booking interface makes it easy for you to initiate the recovery process. Just reach out to us to set up a FREE consultation either in person or over the phone. Our skilled technicians will help you through the recovery process. Simply reach out to our data recovery team at 1300806557

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Wildfire Data Recovery, at the core, understands that your data is the lifeblood of your business and personal life.

We also understand the stress, loss of productivity and income data loss can cause your business. Therefore, we endeavour to work for you to make your life easier and go beyond data recovery. 

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All Other Data Recovery and Forensic Services

Welcome to the Wildfire Data Recovery Services page, where we understand the frustration and urgency of data loss. Losing your valuable information can be a nightmare, and that's where we come in. Our data recovery services breathe new life into your digital world, rescuing your data from accidental deletions, mechanical failures, or damage to your storage device.

This page is designed to be your one-stop destination for all our primary data recovery services. We provide links and essential information tailored to your specific needs, making choosing the best path for data restoration easier.

We take pride in leading the competitive data recovery industry, and our extensive certifications make us the most reliable data recovery service provider in Brisbane and across Australia.


Broadly speaking, data recovery failures can be divided into 2 main categories:​

🔨 Physical damage: Data recovery becomes impossible when the data is inaccessible due to physical damage or destruction of the storage device. Such damage can occur due to a device being dropped from a height (such as a hard drive falling from a tabletop) or water damage to a mobile phone. The file system becomes damaged, rendering the data inaccessible.


  • The physical structure of the storage device may also be compromised due to issues such as dead and torn heads (within a hard drive), electrical damage, water or environmental damage and physical impact. These problems usually accompany clicking sounds and other noises within hard drives. They need to be addressed before data recovery software can recover data.


  • To achieve success in data recovery, a physically damaged device must be repaired before the data on that device can be recovered. Data recovery in such cases is much more complex, costly, and time-consuming, requiring specialized proprietary hardware/software tools and expertise from Wildfire Data engineers.

💻 Logical damage: Data loss can occur when the files on a particular device become inaccessible due to corruption or damage to the file system despite the data still being present on the storage device.

  • We recreate entire file systems, repair corrupted/damaged code and recover deleted or formatted hard disks, making locked devices again accessible.  In summary, a logical issue prevents a healthy device from providing access to your data and can occur for various reasons.

  • corrupted firmware,

  • driver problems,

  • not allowing Windows to complete an update,

  • malware,

  • formatting of a hard drive,

  • unexpected power outages, and,

  • many other causes.



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Wildfire Data Recovery is focused on recovering data from complex hard drive failures. Whether it's a desktop or laptop hard drive, external hard drive, solid-state drive, RAID/NAS or a combination of both, our engineers are equipped with the skills to succeed. We recover hard drive data from water-damaged, formatted, electrically damaged or physical impact, with a 98% success rate from over 14,000 drives. We recover data from all common makes and models including, WD (Western Digital), Toshiba, Seagate, SanDisk, Maxtor, Hitachi, Fujitsu, IBM, Samsung and many more. 

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At Wildfire Data Recovery we provide one of the most advanced iPhone data recovery services in Australia. Our engineers are Apple-certified and equipped with the skills to repair and recover data from all iPhone models regardless of the issue. With a 97% recovery success rate, we've recovered data from locked, water-damaged, corrupted and damaged iOS systems, lost PIN login codes, and deleted photos and messages. Call Wildfire Data today and speak to our Apple-qualified engineers about your options.

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At Wildfire Data Recovery we understand that NAS or Network Attached Storage systems can be the lifeblood of your organisation or small business. It is crucial that you seek professional data recovery services from Australia’s most skilled data recovery experts, Wildfire Data Recovery. We can rescue the functionality of your business or home office NAS device and get you back in business. Our Wildfire Data dedicated NAS hard drive data recovery services have the fastest turnaround times in the industry for NAS systems due to our world-class team and data recovery technology. 

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RAID data recovery is an essential service offered by Wildfire Data Recovery to small businesses and individuals. RAID, or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, combines multiple physical disks into a single logical unit. RAID systems are not immune to failure, and when it does, it can be disastrous for a small business or organization. Our team of Wildfire data recovery experts are trained to handle all types of RAID failures, no matter how complex. Our processes are efficient, transparent and secure, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of client data.

An icon representing an SSD device.

SSDs are widely used in laptops, desktops, and servers due to their improved performance and reliability compared to traditional hard drives. However, SSDs are not immune to failures, and when they occur, it can result in serious data loss, more severe than that of a mechanical hard drive. When an SSD faces a data loss scenario, advice and guidance from trained and experienced Wildfire Data Recovery engineer is a must. We recover from all makes and all models, including WD (Western Digital), Seagate, Samsung, Kingston, Crucial, Sabrant plus many more. Our data recovery team also covers both SATA and M.2 style solid state drives (or NAND). 

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BitLocker is one of the most complex hard drive encryption systems available from Microsoft. Many clients are not aware that their laptops or desktops (especially Surface Pros) that run Windows 10 or greater are automatically encrypted with BitLocker (a 48-key-digit password). Wildfire Data Recovery is one of the few recovery companies that can recover data from a BitLocker encrypted device. With our unparalleled experience with BitLocker data recovery, we have one of the highest success rates in the industry. Contact our experienced and Microsoft-certified engineers today.

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With Apple certifications and specialised training, our Wildfire Data Recovery engineers can rescue data from any Mac OS system. Wildfire Data Recovery boasts a 98% data recovery success rate from all the following models, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac Desktop, Mac Studio, Mac Pro and many more. As we are an Apple-certified business, you never void your warranty. As a bonus, all Apple clients receive an instant 10% discount on all data recovery services. Our Wildfire Data engineers are specially trained on the latest Apple models, call today to start your recovery journey.

An icon representing a CCTV/DVR camera.

At Wildfire Data Recovery, we excel in restoring lost data from CCTV and DVR systems affected by various issues such as physical damage, software corruption, accidental deletions, file system errors, environmental damage, and tampering. Our team has successfully recovered critical surveillance footage from leading brands in the industry, including Hikvision, Dahua, Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems, and Samsung, among others. Despite the reliability of these brands, their systems can still encounter data loss. With a remarkable 96% success rate, we are dedicated to quickly and effectively retrieving lost surveillance data, providing our clients with peace of mind and minimal disruption.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the operating hours and days?
    We are open 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. On weekdays, our opening hours range from 09:00am-18:00 (or 6:00pm). On weekends, we open at 10:30am and close at 15:00 (or 3:00pm). However. we understand that our clients lead busy lives so please contact us on 0424053510 to arrange a unique time just for you.
  • What is data recovery and how much does it cost?
    Data recovery is a complex and at times, very time consuming process. It is a combination of many fields from computer science and engineering, IT to electronics, to software engineering, coding, electrical engineering and much much more. Due to this extremely specialized and difficult process, a data recovery engineer is a self taught professional that has a passion for all of the aforementioned fields and it is this passion that leads to their ability to sometimes do what is considered "impossible". Furthermore, the software, hardware and the many tools that go into data recovery are extremely specialized and very costly. Every electronic device and digital storage media contains information, and that information can be made inaccessible due to mechanical or logical failure. The process of accessing, retrieving and restoring that inaccessible data is called data recovery. The data recovery process varies based on the type of media. If the failure is logical (deletion, operating system failure, etc) then specialized software is used to recover the data. If a mechanical failure occurs such as physical damage, water or fire damage, recovery requires a professional staff and certified Cleanroom facilities.
  • How long does it take to get my data back?
    Unfortunately there is no easy answer here. Most of the recoveries we perform are completed within 48 hours. However, sometimes jobs can last 2-4 weeks (especially with servers and large RAID combinations). Your engineer will inform you thoroughly of your wait time.
  • What data recovery packages do you offer?
    Our data recovery plans start from Level 1 (Basic Software Recovery) to Level 5 (Complex Malware, Ransomware, Hardware plus other damage). Complexity dictates which category (or level) your device will be placed in and the final cost that you will incur based on the successful return of your lost data. Different devices also incur different costs. For example, a RAID system (which can contain anywhere from 2-30 hard drives or more) will have a higher data recovery success fee then an individual hard drive at the same complexity level. Our basic data recovery packages are: 1. LEVEL 1 – SIMPLE LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY SERVICES: $299+GST. This level includes all devices with basic logical issues such as deleted data, formatting, accidental deletion due to human error, operating system malfunctions (this includes software glitches or bad updates that affect the function of your operating system), virus and malware issues, file system errors, overwriting of data plus much more. 2. LEVEL 2 – COMPLEX LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY SERVICES: $520+GST. The complexity of data loss can increase based on various factors that go beyond simple logical data loss scenarios. Some of the factors that can contribute to increased complexity in data loss situations include RAID configurations (data loss can become more complex due to the interdependence of multiple drives and potential issues with RAID controllers), file system damage, disk or hardware issues from logical problems (damages sectors, corrupted data which prevents the drive from being read), encrypted data, legal or compliance implications (in certain cases, data loss may involve legal or compliance issues, adding complexity to the recovery process).
  • How does the data recovery process work?
    Wildfire Data Recovery begins each case with a risk-free media evaluation. Our certified and trained Engineers test to see if your device has recoverable data, after which we provide a price quote and estimated turnaround time for the recovery. Based on how complex this recovery is and the level of damage, the time can range from a few days to several weeks. The evaluation we provide here at WDR is no-obligation and we will return your media to you if you decide not to use our services, FREE of charge. We provide free diagnostics with our standard service and stand by our “No data, No recovery fee” guarantee. If you accept the quote, we treat physical media issues with tested and safe technology and utilize a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. Engineers will make a copy of your drive and treat logical issues to restore files to a working condition. After the recovery is complete, we will send a list of recovered files and will send your data back on FIPS validated portable storage or on transfer media you provide.
  • When can data recovery be performed and what are some examples of the different forms of data recovery?
    Data recovery is possible on almost any device that can hold data. Data recovery is even possible on cloud based operating systems, servers, locked-out iPhones, and Samsung mobile phones plus much more. All data recovery problems can be placed into one of three categories, logical damage, physical damage, or a combination of the two. Devices with logical problems can be restored using software only or logical solutions. Recovery is also possible for a device that has sustained physical damage (such as dropping a mechanical hard drive from a height). In this case, engineers would use our class 10 ISO 4 clean room to replace the faulty parts and recover your data. Wildfire Data Recovery has successfully recovered data from media that has been burned, submerged in water, and physically damaged. Our forensic toolkit and expertise gives us the edge over other data recovery companies and we can perform data rescues determined to be impossible by others.
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