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Secure CCTV/DVR Recorded Data Recovery Services

We offer Brisbane's only 24/7 CCTV Footage Recovery Service

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Welcome to Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane! Security footage is a critical piece of evidence in many legal cases and road incidents within Australia. However, security footage is not designed to be stored indefinitely. It might be lost for various reasons, such as accidental deletion, user error, or data corruption.


But don't worry, we're here to help! At Wildfire Data Recovery, we offer a solution to recover lost CCTV/DVR footage, even if you don't have a backup. We understand how stressful losing footage can be, so we urge you to take the necessary steps to recover your lost footage as soon as possible. Have you experienced any of these incidents?





Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are pivotal in the modern landscape of security, surveillance, and ensuring the safety of premises. They serve as silent guardians, recording every moment to safeguard assets, deter criminal activities, and provide invaluable evidence when the need arises.


However, the data captured by CCTV systems—encompassing video footage and sometimes audio recordings—can be vulnerable to various issues such as hardware malfunctions, software glitches, accidental deletions, or even deliberate tampering. We work with all of the below CCTV brands, including DigiMerge, Epcom, EverFocus, Maplin, Samsung plus many more.

A combination of differnet CCTV manufacturer names.

Wildfire Data Recovery is a certified, Australian owned data recovery business

success rate of recovery: 94%

(average score from 4,261 recoveries)

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​"From the moment your data is entrusted to us, it is handled with the highest level of discretion and protected by stringent security measures."

Viktor Burcevski - Wildfire Data Recovery Owner

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Wildfire Data Recovery, CCTV data recovery services in Brisbane stands as a beacon of hope in scenarios where crucial footage is believed to be lost or corrupted. This specialized field focuses on retrieving inaccessible, damaged, or lost video data from CCTV systems, ensuring that no critical piece of evidence is lost to technical difficulties. Whether it's a small-scale home surveillance system or a complex network of cameras for a large enterprise, the importance of being able to recover CCTV data cannot be overstated.

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Welcome to Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane, where we understand the critical importance of your CCTV footage. Whether it's for safeguarding your property, providing evidence for legal matters, or ensuring operational continuity, our specialized CCTV data recovery services are designed to retrieve what you feared was lost.

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In summary, our CCTV data recovery services are designed with your needs and concerns at the forefront. From offering a risk-free initial consultation to ensuring a cost-effective service with our "no data, no charge" policy, and prioritizing the security and confidentiality of your data, we are dedicated to providing a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

The image depicts a computer technician working on a laptop.

Post-Recovery Support - After the successful recovery of your CCTV data, our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond just handing over the recovered files. We understand that the journey to fully restore normalcy to your security or surveillance system doesn't end with data recovery. Therefore, we offer comprehensive post-recovery support designed to assist you in transferring and restoring the recovered data back into your system.

  • Data Transfer Support: We offer assistance in transferring the recovered data to your preferred storage device or media. This includes providing guidance on the best practices for data storage to prevent future data loss.

  • Technical Support for System Setup: If your data loss was due to system failure or setup issues, our technical support team can provide advice and recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future. This may include tips on system maintenance, backup strategies, and software updates.

  • Security Consultation: To further bolster your surveillance system's integrity, we offer consultations on enhancing data security and system resilience. This includes advice on encryption, secure backup solutions, and the implementation of redundancy systems to safeguard against data loss.

If you suspect a hard drive failure, contact the experts at Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane to get your data back as quickly as possible, time is of the essence. 

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Why is lost security CCTV footage and data crucial to recover?

A: CCTV footage plays a pivotal role in today's security-conscious world, especially to security-concerned Queenslanders who not only rely on CCTV to protect their businesses but also their homes. Losing this data can mean losing peace of mind, compromising safety, and missing out on crucial evidence when it matters most. At Wildfire, we recognize these risks and offer expert solutions to mitigate the impact of data loss on your security and operations.

ANNKE CCTV devices for file recovery.


Photograph of WDR workshop for CCTV/DVR data recovery.

A small section of our Wildfire Data Recovery CCTV/DVR data recovery laboratory and workshop.

What does our in-house CCTV data recovery system offer?

A: Our in-house, WDR-developed CCTV recovery program incorporates decryption techniques for BitLocker, LUKS, FileVault 2 and APFS encryption, works with virtual disks of VMware, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, QEMU, XEN, etc., allows assembling standard RAID patterns and specific RAID layouts, like Btrfs-RAID, ZFS RAID-Z, Synology SHR, and supports many other storage technologies, including Windows Dynamic Disks, Storage Spaces and deduplication, Apple Software RAID, Core Storage and Time Machine, Linux mdadm and LVM with Thin Provisioning as well.


With broad functionality and unmatched specialized features, Wildfire Data Recovery can become an indispensable assistant in almost any data recovery task.

A list of CCTV/DVR manufacturers we can recovery data from.

Our Wildfire Data Recovery in-house CCTV/DVR recovery software works with all the above manufacturers.

Along with a multidisciplinary team of data recovery experts and a multiplicity of storage devices of different formats and complexity, our WDR CCTV data recovery program supports a broad range of specific file systems implemented in CCTV appliances and driving recorders as well as various video and audio codecs.


We are also capable of processing stream data: each frame of a video stream is checked for validity, combined with the associated frames, and the obtained result is placed in a universal container file which can be opened using any standard software means.

The image contains a warning message in an orange box. It advises that in the event of physical damage to a storage device.
CCTV Single Man Camera

Our Wildfire Data Recovery applications work with practically any data carrier

In addition, our applications work with practically any data carrier – starting from linear internal and external digital media to RAID systems and disk images produced by conventional disk imaging utilities and professional forensic tools, like EnCase and FTK Imager. Enhanced with a mechanism of integrity control and extended reporting possibilities, the software doesn’t modify the content of the source and can be used by forensic experts for the extraction of reliable video evidence.

A photograph of HIKVISION CCTV products we recovery data from.

HIK VISION CCTV/DVR surveilance and security products

CCTV manufacturers we recover data from

  • WFS

  • DHFS

  • HIK

  • Mirage

  • Pinetron

  • BKFL

  • Dahua

  • Axis Communications

  • Bosch Security Systems

  • Uniview

  • Swann

  • Lorex

  • Amcrest

  • Vivotek

  • Zmodo

  • FLIR Systems

The BOSCH logo as a CCTV manufacturer, we recover data from.
The Ubiquiti Networks logo as a CCTV manufacturer, we recover data from.
The adhua technology CCTV data recovery logo.
The Swann Advanced Security Made Easy logo as a CCTV manufacturer, we recover data from.

The above list includes companies that Wildfire Data Recovery works with that produce CCTV systems, DVRs, and other surveillance and security technologies. Each has its reputation and specialty within the industry. If you don't see your label or system above, this does not mean that we do not support it. Contact our CCTV/DVR engineers on 1300806557 or use our chat-box for more information.


Can You Retrieve Overwritten CCTV Footage?

Yes, it’s possible to recover overwritten CCTV footage footage, yet it's imperative to move swiftly to enhance the likelihood of a successful recovery. Utilizing a reliable data recovery service such as WILDFIRE DATA RECOVERY to perform a scan on the storage device that previously housed your surveillance recordings is the most effective approach to recovering such footage.

What are the 2 major data recovery categories:

1. 🔨 Physical Data Loss: At Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane, we define physical data loss, as something that occurs when there is a mechanical breakdown within the hard drive of your laptop. This susceptibility primarily affects mechanical hard drives due to their multitude of moving components, each with minimal tolerance for physical mishaps. Various factors can contribute to mechanical hard drive failures, such as water damage, electrical impairment, or the impact of physical shock, such as accidentally dropping your laptop. 

2. 💿 Logical Data Loss: In straightforward terms, logical data loss arises when your storage device remains physically intact and functions properly, yet you encounter difficulties accessing certain files. Logical data loss stems from a multitude of factors, with several prevailing causes being distinct from one another. Among the most frequently encountered triggers are compromised file systems, unexpected power surges or outages, and human errors like unintentional data deletion or formatting. 

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Data loss can stem from a multitude of reasons, including logical corruption of the drive, failure of the storage device, malware attacks, and unintended deletions. The majority of CCTV camera setups rely on a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to capture and store footage from the cameras. These DVR systems are designed to automatically purge older videos after a specific period (based on the system's settings) to optimize storage capacity efficiently. Given the operational characteristics of DVRs, the likelihood of successful data recovery hinges on the promptness with which the recovery effort is initiated. Furthermore, it is advisable to consistently archive older videos to an alternate storage medium or cloud service, facilitating smoother retrieval when needed.

Why have I lost the data from my CCTV device in the first place? 

What filesystems are used for CCTV/DVR data storage?

CCTV/DVR systems use specific file systems optimized for the continuous writing and overwriting of video data. These file systems are designed to handle large volumes of data efficiently, reduce fragmentation, and ensure data integrity even in the event of power loss or system failure. Here are some of the common file systems used in CCTV/DVR systems:

CCTV manufacturers we recover data from

  • WFS

  • DHFS

  • HIK

  • Mirage

  • Pinetron

  • BKFL

  • Dahua

  • Axis Communications

  • Bosch Security Systems

  • Uniview

  • Swann

  • Lorex

  • Amcrest

  • Vivotek

  • Zmodo

  • FLIR Systems

Start the CCTV/DVR data recovery process


"It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Our hard drive data recovery process is customised for every client."



Once we process and diagnose our client's device(s) we complete a comprehensive diagnostic report. It marks on the total costs (inc. projected costs) of the recovery, the chance of success, the issue with the hard drive and why it requires data recovery services and finally the expected date of completion. We offer our customers a comprehensive diagnostic report free of charge with our standard service, to find the root of the failure and allow our engineers to find the right path to recovery.



Following the completion of our comprehensive recovery report, we complete our diagnostic and consultation services with our clients and provide a projected success rate for their particular device and failure (these success rates are based on thousands of recoveries). Once the diagnostics are completed buy our experienced data recovery engineers, and the data recovery options are clear, we provide a firm no-obligation price quote. This quote can always be rejected by our clients and they can take their device and shop around.



Once our clients provide us with the green light and approve the quote and the comprehensive report, our engineers conduct the invasive hard drive repairs and if necessary, use custom-designed, in-house, tools to recreate file systems and partition table information our clients need to progress to the next level of hard drive data recovery. This step can take a number of days, to a number of weeks depending on the complexiety of the hard drive failure. For example, a LEVEL 1 Logic Hard Drive Data Recovery may take 2-5 days, while a LEVEL 4 Complex Mechanical Hard Drive Failure can take up to 4 weeks or longer. 

Recovery engineers discuss a mechanical HDD, pointing at the platter.


We routinely recover inaccessible emails, texts, photos, contacts, videos and any other data types from hard drive devices that have suffered file system corruption, physical damage, file deletion, liquid or fire damage. We can recover data from a wide range and entire lines of products, including the latest models

We never charge any data recovery fees unless we can successfully recover your desired files and ensure they are in working order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the operating hours and days?
    We are open 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. On weekdays, our opening hours range from 09:00am-18:00 (or 6:00pm). On weekends, we open at 10:30am and close at 15:00 (or 3:00pm). However. we understand that our clients lead busy lives so please contact us on 0424053510 to arrange a unique time just for you.
  • What is data recovery and how much does it cost?
    Data recovery is a complex and at times, very time consuming process. It is a combination of many fields from computer science and engineering, IT to electronics, to software engineering, coding, electrical engineering and much much more. Due to this extremely specialized and difficult process, a data recovery engineer is a self taught professional that has a passion for all of the aforementioned fields and it is this passion that leads to their ability to sometimes do what is considered "impossible". Furthermore, the software, hardware and the many tools that go into data recovery are extremely specialized and very costly. Every electronic device and digital storage media contains information, and that information can be made inaccessible due to mechanical or logical failure. The process of accessing, retrieving and restoring that inaccessible data is called data recovery. The data recovery process varies based on the type of media. If the failure is logical (deletion, operating system failure, etc) then specialized software is used to recover the data. If a mechanical failure occurs such as physical damage, water or fire damage, recovery requires a professional staff and certified Cleanroom facilities.
  • How long does it take to get my data back?
    Unfortunately there is no easy answer here. Most of the recoveries we perform are completed within 48 hours. However, sometimes jobs can last 2-4 weeks (especially with servers and large RAID combinations). Your engineer will inform you thoroughly of your wait time.
  • What data recovery packages do you offer?
    Our data recovery plans start from Level 1 (Basic Software Recovery) to Level 5 (Complex Malware, Ransomware, Hardware plus other damage). Complexity dictates which category (or level) your device will be placed in and the final cost that you will incur based on the successful return of your lost data. Different devices also incur different costs. For example, a RAID system (which can contain anywhere from 2-30 hard drives or more) will have a higher data recovery success fee then an individual hard drive at the same complexity level. Our basic data recovery packages are: 1. LEVEL 1 – SIMPLE LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY SERVICES: $299+GST. This level includes all devices with basic logical issues such as deleted data, formatting, accidental deletion due to human error, operating system malfunctions (this includes software glitches or bad updates that affect the function of your operating system), virus and malware issues, file system errors, overwriting of data plus much more. 2. LEVEL 2 – COMPLEX LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY SERVICES: $520+GST. The complexity of data loss can increase based on various factors that go beyond simple logical data loss scenarios. Some of the factors that can contribute to increased complexity in data loss situations include RAID configurations (data loss can become more complex due to the interdependence of multiple drives and potential issues with RAID controllers), file system damage, disk or hardware issues from logical problems (damages sectors, corrupted data which prevents the drive from being read), encrypted data, legal or compliance implications (in certain cases, data loss may involve legal or compliance issues, adding complexity to the recovery process).
  • How does the data recovery process work?
    Wildfire Data Recovery begins each case with a risk-free media evaluation. Our certified and trained Engineers test to see if your device has recoverable data, after which we provide a price quote and estimated turnaround time for the recovery. Based on how complex this recovery is and the level of damage, the time can range from a few days to several weeks. The evaluation we provide here at WDR is no-obligation and we will return your media to you if you decide not to use our services, FREE of charge. We provide free diagnostics with our standard service and stand by our “No data, No recovery fee” guarantee. If you accept the quote, we treat physical media issues with tested and safe technology and utilize a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. Engineers will make a copy of your drive and treat logical issues to restore files to a working condition. After the recovery is complete, we will send a list of recovered files and will send your data back on FIPS validated portable storage or on transfer media you provide.
  • When can data recovery be performed and what are some examples of the different forms of data recovery?
    Data recovery is possible on almost any device that can hold data. Data recovery is even possible on cloud based operating systems, servers, locked-out iPhones, and Samsung mobile phones plus much more. All data recovery problems can be placed into one of three categories, logical damage, physical damage, or a combination of the two. Devices with logical problems can be restored using software only or logical solutions. Recovery is also possible for a device that has sustained physical damage (such as dropping a mechanical hard drive from a height). In this case, engineers would use our class 10 ISO 4 clean room to replace the faulty parts and recover your data. Wildfire Data Recovery has successfully recovered data from media that has been burned, submerged in water, and physically damaged. Our forensic toolkit and expertise gives us the edge over other data recovery companies and we can perform data rescues determined to be impossible by others.

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