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* Same day returns cannot be applied to more serious and complex data recovery jobs. These may take much longer depending on the severity of the failure.


** While over 85% of our data recovery packages fall into the "No Data, No Fee" policy, there are some up-front costs for complex and extremely time consuming cases (i.e. water damaged hard drives, ransomware attacks or heavy virus infestation).

AfterPay Now Available with Every Data Recovery Service

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"At Wildfire Data Recovery we are the best, because we use the best. Award-winning forensic data recovery services."

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Data recovery is retrieving lost, corrupted, or damaged data from a storage device. This can include:


At Wildfire Data Recovery, we understand the importance of your digital assets to you. But don't worry. Our expert team is here to help. We're committed to safeguarding your data and recovering it with unparalleled expertise.


At WDR (Wildfire Data Recovery), we understand the importance of your digital assets to you. That's why we offer top-notch data recovery services to help you safeguard your data from accidental deletion, formatting errors, or physical damage to your storage media. Our team of experts carefully analyzes the root causes of your data loss and develops customized strategies to restore your files while maintaining data integrity. You can trust us with your digital assets, knowing we'll do everything possible to keep them safe."

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In today's digital world, data recovery and Information Technology (IT) are two concepts often used interchangeably. However, they are distinct aspects of technology that require specialised knowledge and expertise. Data recovery is retrieving lost, inaccessible, or corrupted data from various storage devices.


While IT professionals can handle basic data recovery tasks, it is essential to recognize that data recovery is a specialized aspect of IT services requiring higher expertise. Serious data recovery issues, especially those involving physical failures, require the skills and knowledge of experienced data recovery specialists. 


To sum up, data recovery is an essential aspect of IT that deals with retrieving and restoring lost data. Conversely, IT encompasses a broader range of tasks for managing, supporting, and maintaining technology systems and infrastructure. By recognizing the importance of data recovery and the specialized skills required, we can ensure that our data is protected and secure.

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What is data recovery? Let the experts at Linus Tech Tips take you through the data recovery process. 



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Wildfire Data Recovery is a renowned expert in restoring intricate data from diverse hard drive devices, including desktop (SATA, PATA) and laptop hard drives (SSD, NVMe, M.2), external hard drives, and solid-state drives. Our staff are a testament to our ability to recover data from hard drives that have undergone various complex issues, including water damage, power loss, physical damage, PCB problems, drive formatting, encryption and more. We recover data from all brands of HDD, including Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, HGST and Samsung.

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​​Our expertise lies in offering some of Brisbane's most intricate iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Meizu mobile phone data recovery services. Our data recovery success rate is an impressive 99%, and we have successfully retrieved data from various mobile phone issues, from the physical (such as water damage AND extreme heat damage.

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NAS is a popular data storage technology that enables multiple users to access and share files over a home or work network. We are certified and trained to work with all major manufacturers. This includes expertise in data recovery for Synology, QNAP, Western Digital, Seagate, TerraMaster, NETGEAR, Asustor, Buffalo Technology, and DELL.

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RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks or Drives) is a popular data storage technology used by small businesses and individuals. Our team of WDR recovery experts is experienced in recovering data from RAID arrays of all levels, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4, RAID 5, HybridRAID, and many more. 

"You may only get one shot at recovering your precious choose wisely."

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How Does Data Recovery Work?


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Certified by Samsung KNOX Expert
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Our industry-leading certifications reflect our commitment to excellence at Wildfire Data Recovery. Our team is highly trained and certified in various specialised areas, including small business disaster management, corporate-level data recovery and complex forensic services. These prestigious certifications demonstrate our dedication to providing top-notch data recovery and forensic services.


Our extensive training and expertise ensure that your data is in the best hands, offering you peace of mind and the highest level of service. We are the only Cellebrite-certified organisation within Brisbane, and our experts ensure we stay on the front lines of cyber security and e-discovery. These certifications ensure that we:​

  • Follow industry best practices and standards.

  • Utilise the most advanced and effective techniques

  • Adhere to strict security protocols to protect your private data

  • Continuously enhance our skills and knowledge to tackle even the most complex data recovery challenges

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Samsung Authorized Service Center

"At Wildfire Data Recovery, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability, and commitment to excellence. When you choose us, you can be confident that your data is in the hands of certified experts who prioritize security, accuracy, and customer satisfaction."


Data loss can be frustrating and terrifying. But worry not; professional and certified data recovery services, like Wildfire Data Recovery, can help you retrieve lost, corrupted, or inaccessible data from storage devices like hard drives, mobile phones and tablets, memory cards, and RAID/NAS systems. The process might seem daunting, but you can recover your data even after a wildfire with the proper steps.


The Wildfire Data Recovery, "Steps to Recovery Success", is a program designed by our engineers to help retrieve data lost due to natural disasters. Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and other Australian states are constantly being punished by extreme weather. Wildfire Data wanted to create a program that would ease the stress on the people of Australia during their most challenging times. We take on data recovery jobs from floods, fires and other extreme weather events. 

"Some of our data recovery certifications and awards."

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Losing important data can be an absolute nightmare! But fear not, for we are here to save the day at Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane with our advanced data recovery services. Our expert Wildfire Data Recovery certified engineers use cutting-edge ACE Lab (PC-3000) data recovery and forensic software to scan the storage device and identify lost or deleted files. Even in complex situations, our skilled technicians can manually analyze the raw data, identify file structures, and assemble data fragments to recover the compromised files.

ACELab Data Recovery Company Logo.

Our lightning-fast services are designed to recover your lost or damaged data quickly and accurately while maintaining the utmost privacy and confidentiality of our client's information. Whether it's important business documents or cherished family photos, you can trust us to provide the best data recovery services.


So don't panic when disaster strikes – call Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane and let us work our magic! It's crucial to acknowledge that not all data loss scenarios can be successfully recovered, and the success of data recovery depends on factors such as the nature of the damage, the timeliness of the response, and the techniques used.

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Cannot find what you are looking for? Contact our engineers on 0424 053 510 any time, night or day and we will find a solution to your data recovery problem.

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If a mobile device containing sensitive information is discovered in a trash can, that user can lose all of their data. The finder can report the discovery to the local police if they believe the device is linked to a crime or contains sensitive data. If the phone falls into the wrong hands, the person who finds it could access the sensitive information stored on the device. This can include personal data, contacts, messages, photos, documents, and more. To minimize the risk of data loss, it is crucial for individuals to take proactive measures to secure their mobile devices. This includes setting up strong passwords or biometric authentication, enabling remote tracking and wiping features, regularly backing up data to a secure location, and encrypting sensitive files if supported by the device.

We are always ready to find the best price for you and to beat any data recovery competitor quote by 10%. 

See what data recovery services we offer on our Data Recovery Services page.

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Our Class 100 Clean Room and Why it's Crucial

Wildfire Data Recovery has a Class 100 Clean Room, a super sterile lab where air particles are closely monitored. All mechanical hard drives are extremely sensitive to particles in the air, such as dust, which can fall onto the platter surface. Businesses with a class 100 cleanroom, such as those used by professional data recovery service providers like Wildfire Data Recovery, can offer several benefits for complex hard drive failures that many others cannot.


A class 100 cleanroom is a controlled environment designed to reduce the amount of dust and other contaminants in the air, which can be especially important for hard drives that require the removal of the cover to access the platters. Our Class 100 Clean Room ensures it’s safe to take apart mechanical storage devices in this environment. 

A cleanroom data recovery lab with technicians in white protective suits. They are focused on intricate work at stations equipped with specialized computer equipment and tools, possibly repairing drives.

Our Wildfire Data Recovery experts, donned in lab coats, face masks, and gloves, gently pry the hard drive's casing. It's a tense moment, akin to opening a treasure chest, but with precision tools. The platters (those circular discs that gleam under the cleanroom lights) hold the keys to your digital kingdom. They're made from materials that could easily be marred by the mere touch of a human hand or the smallest airborne offender.

With the platters exposed, the real magic happens. Our specialists embark on a data recovery journey using specialised equipment (i.e. ACE Lab) that speaks the language of the hard drive's lost data. They coax the bytes and bits from their hiding spots on the platters, piecing together the puzzle of lost memories and critical information. But it's not just about extracting the data. It's about bringing it back to life in a form that's as good as its original state. The recovered data transforms and is verified for its integrity, ensuring no piece of your digital life is left behind or altered.

A technician in a cleanroom suit inspects a circuit board under a microscope, with a monitor displaying an enlarged image, suggesting precision work, possibly for data recovery.

View the rest of our data recovery services


Our commitment to exceptional service is second to none at Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane. We understand the paramount importance of data and the devastating consequences of its loss. Our empathetic and understanding approach to every recovery case ensures we meet and exceed our client's expectations. Our tireless efforts to recover lost data aim to inspire our clients and instil hope that there is always a way forward, even in the most challenging circumstances. Trust us to recover your data, and we'll show you what real dedication looks like.


While every data recovery company has a team of highly skilled individuals to assist in locating and saving lost files and data, we put our clients in direct contact with our engineers, not a receptionist or a tech. This means that you have direct one-on-one time with someone directly involved with the success of your recovery. This implies collaboration, a level of ownership, autonomy and no need to go through any administrative red tape. Feel free to text our data recovery engineers directly with your questions; they will always be happy to help. 


Hey there! In today's digital age, losing important data can be a real headache. It can be devastating due to a damaged device or a security breach. But don't worry, we've got your back! At WDR, we specialize in data recovery and love a challenge. With an impressive success rate of 85%, we're confident we can recover your lost files from just about any scenario. You can trust us to get your data back safely and soundly.


Are you tired of forgetting your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy passcodes or passwords and losing access to critical information? Don't worry. We've got your back! Meet WDR, your friendly and fully certified forensic data recovery service that can help you recover your data at a much higher and more complex level. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in retrieving data from damaged hard drives and decrypting lost passwords. With WDR, you'll never have to worry about losing your valuable files again. Please choose us and let us care for your data recovery needs with a smile 😊.


Did you know that we are Apple-approved and certified? This means you can receive an instant 10% discount on all data recovery services for your Apple devices, such as iPhone, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod, and more. Not only that, but your warranty remains intact. We are also fully certified by Microsoft and Windows, and our tech experts are all certified by Microsoft. So, you can trust that your devices are in the hands of highly skilled professionals who go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.


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"Wildfire Data Recovery collaborates closely with numerous local and international data recovery experts to ensure optimal results for our clients."


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add a new question & answer?
    To add a new FAQ follow these steps: 1. Manage FAQs from your site dashboard or in the Editor 2. Add a new question & answer 3. Assign your FAQ to a category 4. Save and publish. You can always come back and edit your FAQs.
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    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • What are the operating hours and days?
    We are open 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. On weekdays, our opening hours range from 09:00am-18:00 (or 6:00pm). On weekends, we open at 10:30am and close at 15:00 (or 3:00pm). However. we understand that our clients lead busy lives so please contact us on 0424053510 to arrange a unique time just for you.
  • What is data recovery and how much does it cost?
    Data recovery is a complex and at times, very time consuming process. It is a combination of many fields from computer science and engineering, IT to electronics, to software engineering, coding, electrical engineering and much much more. Due to this extremely specialized and difficult process, a data recovery engineer is a self taught professional that has a passion for all of the aforementioned fields and it is this passion that leads to their ability to sometimes do what is considered "impossible". Furthermore, the software, hardware and the many tools that go into data recovery are extremely specialized and very costly. Every electronic device and digital storage media contains information, and that information can be made inaccessible due to mechanical or logical failure. The process of accessing, retrieving and restoring that inaccessible data is called data recovery. The data recovery process varies based on the type of media. If the failure is logical (deletion, operating system failure, etc) then specialized software is used to recover the data. If a mechanical failure occurs such as physical damage, water or fire damage, recovery requires a professional staff and certified Cleanroom facilities.
  • How long does it take to get my data back?
    Unfortunately there is no easy answer here. Most of the recoveries we perform are completed within 48 hours. However, sometimes jobs can last 2-4 weeks (especially with servers and large RAID combinations). Your engineer will inform you thoroughly of your wait time.
  • What data recovery packages do you offer?
    Our data recovery plans start from Level 1 (Basic Software Recovery) to Level 5 (Complex Malware, Ransomware, Hardware plus other damage). Complexity dictates which category (or level) your device will be placed in and the final cost that you will incur based on the successful return of your lost data. Different devices also incur different costs. For example, a RAID system (which can contain anywhere from 2-30 hard drives or more) will have a higher data recovery success fee then an individual hard drive at the same complexity level. Our basic data recovery packages are: 1. LEVEL 1 – SIMPLE LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY SERVICES: $299+GST. This level includes all devices with basic logical issues such as deleted data, formatting, accidental deletion due to human error, operating system malfunctions (this includes software glitches or bad updates that affect the function of your operating system), virus and malware issues, file system errors, overwriting of data plus much more. 2. LEVEL 2 – COMPLEX LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY SERVICES: $520+GST. The complexity of data loss can increase based on various factors that go beyond simple logical data loss scenarios. Some of the factors that can contribute to increased complexity in data loss situations include RAID configurations (data loss can become more complex due to the interdependence of multiple drives and potential issues with RAID controllers), file system damage, disk or hardware issues from logical problems (damages sectors, corrupted data which prevents the drive from being read), encrypted data, legal or compliance implications (in certain cases, data loss may involve legal or compliance issues, adding complexity to the recovery process).
  • How does the data recovery process work?
    Wildfire Data Recovery begins each case with a risk-free media evaluation. Our certified and trained Engineers test to see if your device has recoverable data, after which we provide a price quote and estimated turnaround time for the recovery. Based on how complex this recovery is and the level of damage, the time can range from a few days to several weeks. The evaluation we provide here at WDR is no-obligation and we will return your media to you if you decide not to use our services, FREE of charge. We provide free diagnostics with our standard service and stand by our “No data, No recovery fee” guarantee. If you accept the quote, we treat physical media issues with tested and safe technology and utilize a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. Engineers will make a copy of your drive and treat logical issues to restore files to a working condition. After the recovery is complete, we will send a list of recovered files and will send your data back on FIPS validated portable storage or on transfer media you provide.
  • When can data recovery be performed and what are some examples of the different forms of data recovery?
    Data recovery is possible on almost any device that can hold data. Data recovery is even possible on cloud based operating systems, servers, locked-out iPhones, and Samsung mobile phones plus much more. All data recovery problems can be placed into one of three categories, logical damage, physical damage, or a combination of the two. Devices with logical problems can be restored using software only or logical solutions. Recovery is also possible for a device that has sustained physical damage (such as dropping a mechanical hard drive from a height). In this case, engineers would use our class 10 ISO 4 clean room to replace the faulty parts and recover your data. Wildfire Data Recovery has successfully recovered data from media that has been burned, submerged in water, and physically damaged. Our forensic toolkit and expertise gives us the edge over other data recovery companies and we can perform data rescues determined to be impossible by others.
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