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Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Seagate hard drives are just as prone to data loss as any other brand on the market. Whether you have an external, internal or solid state Seagate hard drive, you can lose the data stored on your drive by accidental file deletion, improper formatting, corruption or physical drive damage. Wildfire Data Recovery are experts at Seagate data recovery, no matter the make or model. Contact our Brisbane office on 0424 053 510 today and speak to a qualified data recovery engineer. 

success rate of recovery: 98%

(average score from 19,578 recoveries)

  • Free diagnosis and inspection on all internal, external and solid state hard drives.

  • $0 fees up-front on over 89% of data recovery packages. No risk, only results.

We accept both Afterpay and Square as payments for all hard drive data recovery services.
  • No data recovered? No problem. You pay $0 fee unless we rescue the data that you need and want.

  • Same day return on over 90% of all recoveries and 24 hour customer recovery hotline. 

Before We Start…

The first order of business while recovering data from any form of storage is to STOP USING THAT DEVICE.


There are 3 major things we can do and keep in mind to help increase our chances of a successful Seagate hard drive data recovery.

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1. 🛑 Stop using your device. If your files disappeared from your external hard drive, the first thing you should do is to stop using it. We want to prevent even the tiniest background process from overwriting any files. And if your drive is corrupted, using it more will only make the problem worse.

2.🙅‍♂️ Do not format/reformat the drive. Formatting/reformatting a drive instantly wipes any existing data on the disk. And since you need to connect your drive to your computer to format it, you risk overwriting the formatted data and losing it completely.

3. 🗃️ Create a byte-to-byte backup. Finally, we want to create an “image-based backup” of your drive. As opposed to a “file-based backup” where a user or program copies files to another location, an “image-based backup” creates an exact clone of the entire drive. We’ll use this clone as the target of data recovery so we can preserve your drive as much as possible.



If your Lacie internal hard drive, Lacie external hard drive or any other device has failed, your only option is professional data recovery provided by our specialist Wildfire Data Recovery labs in Brisbane.


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Our Data Recovery and File Rescue Laboratory in Brisbane uses both proprietary techniques and renowned, state of-the-art industry methods to ensure you have the best chances in recovering your precious data. 


With Wildfire Data Recovery, Seagate Hard Drive data recovery and data rescue, you'll know exactly what data is recoverable before committing to the actual recovery. 




We routinely recover inaccessible emails, texts, photos, contacts, videos and any other data types from desktop devices that have suffered file system corruption, physical damage, file deletion, liquid or fire damage. We can recover data from a wide range and entire lines of products, including the latest models


Is it Possible to Recover Data From a damaged or formatted Seagate Hard Drive?

In many cases of Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane can prevent and recover from data loss in a Seagate hard drive. However, it’s important to realize that there are some factors that will directly affect your chances of data recovery.

These include:


  • Whether you have written new data to the Seagate hard drive after discovering the data loss. Writing new data overwrites the previous recoverable data, making data recovery difficult.

  • If the hard drive is physically damaged to a point that the magnetic layer of the disk is heavily compromised, data recovery may be impossible. Logical i.e. software-related damage is usually easier to deal with.

  • Data recovery from a defragmented hard drive is more difficult and, in several instances, impossible.

  • The time frame between data loss and a data recovery attempt also plays a role in the success rate of the Seagate HDD recovery. It ties in with the first point in this section; waiting too long increases the odds of new data being written to the hard disk drive.

Each data loss has its own story, but there are common scenarios that require data recovery from network storage.

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Is It Possible To Recover Data From A Seagate Hard Drive?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted files from a Seagate hard drive. However, the process is not the same for both internal and external storage. Moreover, it also differs depending on the type of drive you’re using. Let’s take a look at the different types of Seagate storage drives and their scope of recovery.

  • 🟢 Seagate external hard drive recovery: External storage drives are usually more complex to recover data from. In a majority of cases, external drives are made to be mobile, therefore they are most likely to get dropped, knocked about, plugged in from computer to computer and experinece extreme changes in temperature. Due to such scenarios, using a good data recovery company, such as Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane, can easily help you out and rescue close to 100% of all of your data.

  • 🟡 Seagate internal hard drive recovery: Even though it’s possible to recover data from internal storage drives, the chances of recovery entirely depend on how long it’s been since the data was deleted and how much data you’ve stored on your drive since then. This is because even though the deleted data is still present on your drive, it can be overwritten by the new data you store on your drive which makes the recovery process complicated. Internal storage Seagate hard drives are more prone to errors related to disk formatting, disk corruption, and physical damage to the disk as it is being used more often and for longer time periods. NEVER PLUG IN A DAMAGED DISK AND ATTEMPT DATA RECOVERY AT HOME. 

  • 🟠 Seagate SSD data recovery: Even though it can be difficult, it is possible to recover data from an internal SSD. However, your win rates and the amount of data you can recover completely depend on whether your drive has an active TRIM command or not. The TRIM command is exclusive to SSDs, and it basically wipes out unused or deleted data internally to speed up the drive’s overall performance. However, if you quickly begin the recovery process before the TRIM command kicks in, you can easily recover your deleted data using data recovery software. This is where expert help from Wildfire Data Recovery is vital. NEVER MAKE ATTEMPTS, AT HOME, TO RECOVER DATA FROM A FAILED SSD DRIVE. 




What’s your success rate?

  • It’s one of the most common questions a data recovery company will be asked. Unfortunately data recovery is not a regulated industry so there are many interpretations of ‘success rate’ and a huge number of varying claims. 

  • Some companies define ’success’ as the ability to read any amount of data from your failed drive (which may not contain any useful data), and others will exclude unrecoverable cases from their statistics.

  • When it comes to data recovery, every case is unique and while many customers will enjoy a full recovery, some are inevitably unrecoverable.

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There are numerous warning signs of a failing hard drive. You may be able to identify them even before you lose your data. These are some of the most common:

  • Recurring computer freezing or crashing

  • Disappearing or inaccessible data

  • Hard drive underperforming

  • Hard drive freezing or disk errors

  • Abnormal heating 

  • Abnormal noises such as clicking, beeping

  • Drive can be heard spinning down

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