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Ransomware Attack

Your data recovery experts in Australia

At Wildfire Data Recovery we have a dedicated cybersecurity team and forensic specialists that stay up-to-date with the most vicious and destructive ransomware attacks, ruining the lives of Australians. COVID has seen a surge of attacks across the board, an attack every 4-6 seconds. Do not become a statistic to these criminals that prey on Australians every day. Talk to WDR about how we can assist. Call us today and speak directly to our Ransomware Data Recovery team. 

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'Australian organisations and every-day people are quietly paying hackers millions in a 'tsunami of cyber crime'

Our transparent service means you only pay if we can recover your data.

  • Free diagnosis and inspection on all internal, external and solid state hard drives.

  • $0 fees up-front on over 85% of data recovery packages. No risk, only results.

  • No data recovered? No problem. You pay $0 fee unless we rescue the data that you need and want.

  • Same day return on over 90% of all recoveries and 24 hour customer recovery hotline. 

How do you get Ransomware? 

Organizations and every-day Australians are destined to pay a ransom if they can’t recover encrypted files quickly. When an attack occurs, WDR provides visibility into the scope of damage, fast restore from uncompromised backups of important files for business continuity, and alerts that uncover unusual behavior from the ransomware infection.

  • Ransomware commonly attacks your files such as text documents, photos, audio, and video files.

  • Ransomware attacks by sending emails with malicious attachments or links through the Internet.

  • As a result, it attacks through messages on untrusted websites that ask the victims to pay money in exchange for unlocking or decrypting the locked or encrypted files on your computer.



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Encryption Ransomware

This type of Ransomware encrypts the files so that the saved information cannot be understood. And to decrypt them, it demands a specified amount to decrypt them.


Example: CryptoLocker, CrytpoWall, Locky, etc.

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This type of Ransomware locks the system so that you cannot access the saved files. To unlock the system, it demands a specified amount.


Example: Winlocker or Police-themed ransomware.

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Master Boot Record (MBR) Ransomware is a type of Lock Screen ransomware that makes the Operating Systems of your computer unbootable. Hence, it does so by overwriting the affected PC’s MBR.


Example: Petya, Satana, and more.


If you or your business might be affected by ransomware

  • Do your best to prevent the malware from spreading to other parts of your machine or broader network. Try disconnecting devices so that they are no longer physically connected. 

  • Please avoid any "self-fixes" or attempting to perfrom any actions that may worsen or spread the malware. Contact us on 0424 053 510 right away for an analysis and we will assess the extent of the damage for you in a safe and contained manner. 

  • It is our job to assist you when the unthinkable happens. We have the experts and the tools at our disposal that you need. We have your back. 

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We have over 30+ specialised collection of tools developed to recover data encrypted by ransomware. 


What’s your success rate? It’s one of the most common questions a data recovery company will be asked. Unfortunately data recovery is not a regulated industry so there are many interpretations of ‘success rate’ and a huge number of varying claims.

Some companies define ’success’ as the ability to read any amount of data from your failed drive (which may not contain any useful data), and others will exclude unrecoverable cases from their statistics. When it comes to data recovery, every case is unique and while many customers will enjoy a full recovery, some are inevitably unrecoverable.

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