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Hard Drives

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Brisbane - Choose Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane. We excell at computer hard drive data recovery from internal, external hard drives and solid state devices. Due to close partnerships with some of the best hard drive developers in the business, such as Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Maxtor, Toshiba and Hitachi we remain at the forefront of data recovery research and development, while also ensuring we keep our prices competitive. Check out our brand specific data recovery services for Samsung, Seagate, Lacie & Western Digital, plus many more.

We accept both Afterpay and Square for all hard drive data recovery services.

success rate of recovery 98%

(average score from 8,255 recoveries)

  • Free diagnosis and report on all internal, external and solid state hard drives.

  • $0 up-front FEES on over 85% of data recovery packages. No risk, only results.

  • No data recovered? No problem. You pay $0, until we rescue the data that you need and want.

  • Same day return on over 90% of all recoveries and 24 hour customer recovery hotline. 

If you suspect a computer hard drive failure, contact the experts at Wildfire Data Recovery Brisbane to get your data back as quickly as possible, time is of the essence. 

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The first order of business while recovering data from any form of storage is to stop using it. Everytime you plug a damagged hard drive into a power source, you risk causing further harm to your device and any new data can overwrite the space where your deleted data was initially present. If that happens, it becomes difficult to retrieve your files using data recovery software.

Our transparent service means you only pay if we can recover your data.

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Here at Wildfire Hard Drive Data Recovery Brisbane, we know and understand that while similar, no two hard drive data recovery failures are quite the same. Drives udergo a multitude of daily problems. From environmental, to physical impact and just day-to-day wear and tear. Now more than ever, our clients are also experiencing data loss dur to hacker or malware activity. 


Data loss can happen at the blink of an eye. Images, contact details, videos and years of work, can all dissapear at an instant. This is why we have your back when the unthinkable happens. We protect you against:

  • Deletion, including drive format,

  • Partially overwritten files,

  • Environmental damage (such as water, heat and humidity),

  • Corrupted files and media due to storage issues and

  • Viruses, Ransomware, Malware plus much much more.​

Every data loss scenario is unique, but we have the ability to customize our services to meet all customer requests.


Recovery engineers discuss a mechanical HDD, pointing at the platter.


We routinely recover inaccessible emails, texts, photos, contacts, videos and any other data types from hard drive devices that have suffered file system corruption, physical damage, file deletion, liquid or fire damage. We can recover data from a wide range and entire lines of products, including the latest models


What’s your success rate?

  • It’s one of the most common questions a data recovery company will be asked. Unfortunately data recovery is not a regulated industry so there are many interpretations of ‘success rate’ and a huge number of varying claims. 

  • Some companies define ’success’ as the ability to read any amount of data from your failed drive (which may not contain any useful data), and others will exclude unrecoverable cases from their statistics.

  • When it comes to data recovery, every case is unique and while many customers will enjoy a full recovery, some are inevitably unrecoverable.

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What do you do when your hard drive isn't detected...

Provided and created by Ontrack, this video explains what to do in the case of logical and mechanical hard drive failures. For logical issues you can try our data recovery software. For mechanical issues you will need the help of a cleanroom engineer to recover the data.


There are numerous warning signs of a failing hard drive. You may be able to identify them even before you lose your data. These are some of the most common:

  • Recurring computer freezing or crashing

  • Disappearing or inaccessible data

  • Hard drive underperforming

  • Hard drive freezing or disk errors

  • Abnormal heating 

  • Abnormal noises such as clicking, beeping

  • Drive can be heard spinning down

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